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Solutions for your business

Customized WebSites and Systems

By implementing internet and intranet systems that add characteristics that guarantee superior and differentiated quality.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Sell ​​your company's products with Security, Reliability, Consistency and Availability.

3D Virtual Reality

Our team develops with the most sophisticated softwares, trying to give our customers the most perfect virtual reality.


We have the best prices and equipment solutions that your company needs. For sale or lease, we offer state-of-the-art equipment with warranty and technical assistance.


Our professionals apply the best practices in Software Engineering, producing more and more efficiently. The results are successful projects with reduced costs.


Hire the most qualified IT professionals. Outsource your workforce with Idea Informática! Contact us for more information.

The most complete software for Redirectors and Personal Shoppers!
100% online management platform to control your Business.

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Thousands of features ready to control your Lab.
VetCloud is a multi-platform system and has all its modules integrated with a clean, technological look and adaptable to any type of device.
Access where you want and when you want.

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Show your products easily available and securely over the internet.
Receive orders with practicality and organization.
Conquer more customers with this powerful tool!

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"I am very pleased with all the work done by Idea Informática in the restructuring of my company's website. Before the site was not attractive and intuitive. With the work carried out by Idea Informática, today my clients can see my products in an interactive way and by any device. "

Jorge Augusto

"I have used VetControl to control my Veterinary Labor for more than 10 years. Idea Informática always worried about the technical support and availability of the services that are executed 100% on-line. VetControl is an excellent tool for managing veterinary laboratories and I can not imagine my laboratory without it. "

Carlos de Souza

"I opted to use the Idea Catalog application to make my products available (Hamburger Menu) and receive orders from my customers. I am very pleased with the cost-effectiveness that the application provides me. My clients now can see photos and details of my Burguers that were once just texts in whatsapp! Super recommend the Idea Catalog app. "

Carla Ginaldi

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There are only two ways to add value to your business,
Marketing and TECHNOLOGY Innovation!
All the rest are costs. "(Peter Drucker)